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Welcome to the Pearson
Family Photo Album

These photos are courtesy of cousin Michael Black.

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116 East Olive St., Palmyra, MO

Amanda's house on Lane St., Palmyra, MO.
Her children built this home for her after her
husband died. She lived here with Pres and Alma.

Fannie Winchell Lane

Frank & Fannie Lane
Frances, Mary, & Nelle
c. 1890, Hannibal, MO

Fanny Lane,

Homer Howard Winchell
Susan Mary McAffee Winchell
with grandchildren, about 1902
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Nat Lane, Alma Lane, Pres Lane, Isa Lane Youse,
Fannie Winchell Lane, Nell Prier, Frank Lane

Mary, Frank, Fannie, and Nelle Lane

Amanda Quinn Overton Lane

George Washington Lane, Jr.

D. Vernon and Nelle Morthland
Fannie and Frank Lane
perhaps Joseph Lane Morthland

William Gibbs Overton
Evelina Nall Overton
c. 1860

Amanda Quinn Overton Lane
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George Washinton Lane, Jr.
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Evelina Nall Overton

William Gibbs Overton


These pictures are from the photo album of Miss Alma L. Lane of Palmyra, Missouri.

Billy Morthland in his great-grandmother Lane’s chair.

Morthland children: Joseph Lane, Mary Frances,
Mildred E., Billy

Robert L. Yelland

Robert L. Yelland

Frances L. Yelland with her son Louis The bundle in the buggy is Robt. Lane 1919

Bob Yelland, Mary W. Lane, and Lou Yelland – July 1941

Louis H. Yelland with his great-grandmother Amanda’s chair at Frank W. Lane’s home- 1919, Palmyra, Missouri

His greatest delight is to dabble in water. Louis Yelland

Pres Lane with Louis and Robert Yelland